April 30, 2009


Yesterday i went bowling with my classmates, what a wonderful moment. It was N years i didn't go for bowling.

5 of us..

my bowling shoes, so small when fitted on my foot...lol~~~

mr.SieHong has a good pose right...wakakaka~

the score..iVan bravobravo...

evening went to meet my dearest mummy, have steamboat for our dinner. Finally i ate some fresh vege^^ healthyhealthy! didn't take pic with my mummy=(...mummy o~ please take care urself..don carry heavy things again.

the carrot milk sucks...ohmygod, no carrot taste somemore don have milk pun!

hair is getting longer=)

- - - - - - - - - - - - 
having supper at OLDTOWN now with my bunch of friends...after the movie ComingSoon.
lots of pics will be upload soon, stay tune.

PS: A big HAppy Birthday to MR.Wu Panda aka vincent and miao bought a  cute myvi^^

8 days to penang, wheeee~~

April 28, 2009


As i'm neglecting my blog too long, now i'm catching some times to blog in my college..ohmygod!
i bet no one is looking at me now, lol~Talking about last sunday, i was heading to vincent house and waiting my babe bunny and his panda downstairs.......
after a vry long time, they still haven't come down so ...random pics were taken..

my cacat cam with my peace pose! haha...

Mr.Ooi, thank you! *he looks like kid in the pic*

and here's the panda and the bunny came. Here's i want to wish u two HAPPY 1YEAR ANNIVERSARY ...mr.PANDA, please treat ur bunny goodgood ok!

Then, it's our movie time again...but i slept for the 2 hours movie= =..anyone want to accompany to watch the movie again ?

do you all notice my chubby face...OHMFG!i'm gaining weight during these few weeks, should cut off my meals@@

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
my mood: happy & excited^^
reason : 1.mummy is coming today!
2.holiday is starting from this second!
3.countdown 3days for leehom concert.
4.countdown 10 days for Penang trip.
5.Bunch of friends is around me now.
exam will be having after this holiday, need to workhard for these! ....i have been living my life without exams after my SPM so laziness please go away....
post will be ended here first...ciao everyone!

PS: my babes, please do send me the pics at poppy, muahs..~

April 22, 2009


i feel emo, why ? so Please just leave me ALONE!

搞不清楚自己的我只知道現在, 我不想再受到一丁點的傷害和擁有無法兌現的承諾.
時間會讓我看清楚一切, 我希望.

PS: Mummy, Baba and bro, i need u all right now=(

April 20, 2009


The night i bought my pantiessss from TOPSHOP...lol~~ Pics with chuckei and valerie babeS. *It was WEDNESDAY i remembered bcox chuckei is here with us..haha*

a funky one..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
tonight watch "Friday the 13th" *as the movie is too frightening so i didn't upload the pic of the movie*

i really freak out at the end of the movie, how come JASON STILL ALIVE?

muahs my vivi..
- - - - - - - - - - - -

drawing from chuckei babe=)

so touched when i saw this drawing from facebook. I'm really really glad to know u all*some of them i still X chance to get know but i think will be soon right^^* I LOVE U ALL!

i'm addicted with BIGBANG recently! KOREAKOREA ....hurraaay~

That's all for tonight, ciaoooooo........
8.30am class tomorrow gonna driving me crazy.....= =

PS: i feel warm beside u all, thank you for everything

April 15, 2009

unknown me!

原本是昨晚的感覺 我到今早才寫下 *白癡blogspot not function at late night*
昏暗的燈光 聽者蔡健雅的陌生人 回憶淡淡的...
只能說我還是會想念....只是沒那麼強烈了...給我時間, 我需要的只是時間!

- - - - - - SUNDAY NIGHT - - - - - -

i lost my file at KINOKUNIYA but i found it AT LASTMyEm0.Com

madeline piepie so happy with valerie's "aunty" hairclip...lol~

IPHONE made him crazy...haha~

MR.fai is a cutie who love 蠟筆小新*personally i don't think it's funny*MyEm0.Com

- - - - - - MONDAY NIGHT - - - - - -

a pic with my babe vivi, obviously u are reallyreally cute!MyEm0.Com

Mr.Lai with Marc Jacobs sunglass^^

new friend, KW..*she so cool for my first image but friendly after i knew her=D*

Lawrence, Don't judge by his YOUNG face!

MCMCMC n NANANANA have rabbit teeth....lol~

i tried this that night. It's making me cough like hell..OHMYGOD!

they seems so fun...office wearing guy named TJ!

- - - - - - TUESDAY NIGHT - - - - - -

chillchill at LOOK UP POINT which my classmate took 2hours+ to go MyEm0.Com

my classmates, MunMun. She's such a kind girl~

valerie's panda...she's just a little girl infront of her PANDA.~~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1 hour class today that's why i'm still sticking my ass on the bed and i still haven't start my ACC revision, DIEDIEDIE!
Soooooooo, till here for this post, byebye. GOOD luck to me on Thurday for my acc test!

April 10, 2009


TOday was a bad day for me until i found someone to talk with, u know who u are..so thank you so much for listening=)
Let me explain why it was a bad day.
First, i slept no well and need to wake up early in the morning as i have class on 8.30am.
Second, of course i didn't wake up at last and i miss my english class.
Third, i didnt sit for my englist test which cover 5% during exam i think = =
Forth, my roommate complain about me for being too noisy at late night, feeling so sorry as i really treat her as my friend! Sorry~ i promise to lower my voice^^ (main reason)
Fifth, I forgot to bring my $$ as i rush to college.
Sixth, words from friends make me feel that my world turns so complicated.
Seventh, friends around really with their true heart, i wonder?
Eighth, i miss my popo.
Ninth, i feel frustrated with the ACCOUNTING teacher, she just assume all the students have a/c background yet i DON'T HAVE, wtf= = It's hard to catch up and the test will be next thursday.
Tenth, i'm craving for a new start!

am i thinking too much that moment? lol..
everything do goes well after sometime, problems solve 1 by 1. My roommate talked to me when i reached home*HAPPY*

- - - - - - - - - - - -

webcam with vivi at Station1* babe, i put the size of pic to the smallest d, wakakakaka*

- - - - - - Continue the photos yesterday- - - - - -

finally after 2years+, we took pic again^^

vivi self portrait!

valarie, here's our pic ^^ don complain le....muahz~~

Group one!

J.CO new release Baby Donuts...so cute right~

miao opened the window above and let the wind blow his hair like this....lol~

personally i ❤ this pic

4 pairs but all different!

END post everyone, ciao~~~

PS: I want my sunshine back!