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Just got back from stand up comedy show Bromance of the Four Kingdom's. It was my first time to watch such impromptu performance. Laughed so hard for almost 2 hours, my face muscle cramped a little now lol. 

Anyway, back to blogging topic. I went celebrating babe LengLeng birthday last Saturday. Me and my girls finally can reunion after so long plus Bunny girl iz back from Sydney. 

I randomly walked in Twenty One Tables and Terrane @ BSC. The reason i randomly walked in because this birthday girl always made last minute plan and saying she wanna go WIP. Forget about WIP because it probably be packed at that hour, so yea i foursquare-ed this place. Smart horrrrr :p

Selca bit before our food come. Jane was left out because her flight back home was so lateeeee, ish ish~ Anyway, we would see her later in the after party. 

Nam nyam timeeeee!
Starters, caesar salad and mushroom soup. 
Our main courses!
Seafood paste in aglio olio style.
Fish and chips.
Lamb shank was good!
Steak and chip, uh-uh!
Surprise cake came in when we were gossiping... Pretty right? I got it from Just Heavenly, it was the red velvet cake i keep tweeting if you follow me closely on twitter. 
Birthday girl making wishes. I hope one of them are related to me, like hope NaNa become prettier, wealthier, and etc...lol
Group picha before we left to Phutureeeeee!

From here onwards you can scroll 5sec faster because no words to read, only pwetty hot chicks to see! HAHAHA
Our lovely Bunny girl
Hot chick Jenny from Thai!
Long time no see my BFF, still looking HOT!
We were skype-ing with our friend, Daniel in Adelaide. Pumping him some musics in phuuu :D
Happy moments ended at AM! Didn't know the club extended their working hours to 5AM. So we were partying like no tomorrow inside! > <
But that was a good good night for us.

I better go sleep now, is AM already.
Nanight readers x
Monday, February 25, 2013

Care-free Edgy Look!

Styling an edgy look shouldn't make you look like every girl out there. Being edgy, along with its care-free attitude makes you who you are based on what you wear. 

You would often see bulky jewelry on many edgy looks, but here i'm trying to make the look more simpler and less heavy. It's more like me because i don't like wearing bulky necklace or bangles when i'm out all day. Make sure you only select certain colours while playing with an edgy look. Same old me, chose the safest and coolest colour ever - black and white. Careful while you matching your accessories, do not pick a gold-platted necklace/bangles/earrings when the spikes (or other material) of your shoes are in silver or the other way round. 

Imma in love with my newly bought tartan jeggings
Topshop basic long tee and tartan jeggins // Izzue hat // Spiky necklace from Bkk // Jeffrey Campbell Play platform sneakers

Happy styling week ahead :)
If i were born in the 80s, probably i'm the old-fashioned one because my wardrobe is black and dull. I was invited to a friend birthday party - theme 80s! Squeezing my brain juice thinking of "WHAT I'M GONNA WEAR TODAY". It ended up whole or maybe half of my wardrobe overturned onto my bed!

80s theme goes with bright neon colours! Not letting myself look underdressed for the party with her pretty pink dress, i matched it with an oversized blazer. 

Heels or flats?

Concerning of comfortability, i chose to wear flats! But frankly, heels make your body proportion looks better. If you feel comfortable to wear heels all day, the first look will definitely be more stylish (in short, you would look hotter!) :D

My 80s-themed look wasn't complete without head scarf and funky big shades which i got them during the party. Met a friend during the party and she told me why 80s fashion is filled with bright coloured clothing is because 80s represents a new world of freedom, boundaries-free fashion that brought smiles and joyous memories. At that moment, i wish i was born in the 80s so that i could experience that fashion evolution period.

Anyone, what do you think of my 80s theme party look! PASS laaaaaaaa~ lol
I would try to stock in more colourful clothing as it makes me feel happier when i'm dressed with colourful clothes. I don't mean to put every colour on your outfit, just one highlight will be great!
Zara dress // MNG blazer // b + ab necklace // Vivienne Westwood X Melissa flats

A sweet pinkish lips colour that you can carry for everyday look.  
I'm gonna cut lengthy words and go straight to the video. 
Hope you find it useful and stay beauty for this coming year
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everybodehh!!!
Even though not romantic dinner date for us at the actual date (in fact i've no time to arrange one at home due to parental reason), i still find it very sweet because Huannie still here with me. Will have a belated celebration when we r back in KL!
I heart you deep deep, mwah

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Love me without condition kay, xoxo
Wore a sequin sleeve royal blue crop top with a fluffy black skirt for my Chor 2 look
NoBrand top // Angel Paradise flattered skirt

Instead of wearing a whole black outfit that bores people sometimes, royal blue are bright and bold. It creates a classy style as black colour does.
This outfit is very girly, and easy-to-go. Just nice to impress your relatives during CNY, lol. 
Your parents probably is syok-sendiri/proud when they heard their relatives giving their children compliment. And guess what shocking question i got from one of my relative this year, she asked if i did plastic surgery. I was like.........= =''' 
I admit my style and make-up changes every year, but this question is way too-over!!! But i guess is a good thing because in other words i'm getting prettier each year, HAHAHAHA~

Tips to wear like a dignified YOUNG GIRL:
1. Wear a skirt, but not a mini skirt (don't make yourself look so bitchy in front of relatives/parents). 
2. Wear bright coloured clothes. It helps create a cheerful look. 

Blue is the new black, YAY!