July 30, 2013

Impromptu shoot in hotel room.

Having a friend who entertains you whenever you wanna do some crazy impromptu shoots is awesome. It's double the awesomeness when she says she wants to get in. So me and Jane did a quick shoot in the hotel room while we were in Malacca. TOO VAIN :D

Top from Uniqlo X Karen Walker (kids) // Bottom from Bkk 

Notice my new hair colour? NAY or YAY? It's orange-reddish gradation which was done for a hair shooting. I'll let you know when the hard copy is out *wink*.  Frankly I feel more 'nay' than 'yay' because it's quite hard for me to match my outfits. Maybe I've never try this hair colour tone before, still trying to get used to it. Or maybe is the bangs? I've no idea T___T NEW HAIR COLOUR CRISIS! Most probably I'll change a new hair colour before my birthday. BIRTHDAY *leaps in the air*!!! 
One last day to my fav month, August. All the plans in Aug are making me excited.
I can't keep calm, I'm a Leo babeh!

July 28, 2013

Good times in Bangkok Part II - After You & Somboon.

Been away from boyfriend for a week, so tonight i've decided to stay in thought i could spend time with him but he said he wanna 'up level' for his game. Problem of having a gamer boyfriend. T__T
Since I've zero plans for my Saturday, Tomorrowland 2013 live stream has well keeping me entertained while I continue writing my food hunting itinerary in Bangkok. 

First stop, After You dessert cafe @ Siam Paragom.  

Known of its Shibuya Honey Toast, which I also found it to be my favourite among all the desserts we ordered. Of couse i've yet to try all of them, but at least the honey toast wasn't too greasy for my taste. 

The other desserts we've tried included brownie, chocolate lava and strawberry fruit crumble. 
I always love to have tea to accompany while having desserts.  

Us :)

Second stop, Somboon seafood restaurant. 

If you are a lazy person to eat seafood because you don't want to get your hands dirty while piling the shell, come Somboon. 
Curry crab. Chef is too awesome to cook it without the shell, eating become less trouble :)
 Super fresh oysters to die for.
 Startes, which i don't recall. 
Some typical fusion (chinese-thai) food. 
Fried rice. 
 Fried kangkung with chilies.  
 Seafood tomyam soup. 
 Deep fried fish. 
 The best part is they serve good mango sticky rice as dessert. Don't underestimate this simple dessert, because you always end up eating those of 'tourist shop' standard.   

Everytime I write about Bangkok, it makes me wanna go back more. Hopefully I can go again this year for another round of madness shopping + food hunting.  
Till then.
Happy Sunday everybodeh x

July 23, 2013

Styling tips : Boyfriend shirt

Givenchy tee (men) // Angel Paradise skirt // Sandals from HongKong boutique // Balenciaga bag // Topshop fedora hat 

Boyfriend shirt kinda day. It often happens when I'm having wardrobe crisis, which I couldn't find pieces to put on. Having a boyfriend who loves fashion as much as I do is truly beneficial. I can sort out an outfit with his oversize tee and my own skirt or jeans. I was having dilemma while styling this tee, thinking should I pair it with a long black skirt or a short one. Boyfriend prefers the first, meanwhile I loves the latter because I wanna be more feminine at our monthsary date. *giggles*

To finish this look, I wore a casually comfortable sandals that might make my legs proportion look shorter. Of course if you want to create a more chic look, definitely you shall wear similar outfit with a pair of heels. As I want to stay effortless the whole day while dating (in fact shopping), I sacrifie beauty for comfortability yet still keeping the stylish spirit. 

That's all for today outfit post, will be going Melacca tomorrow morning, no i mean later. 
Better sign off now, nanight x

July 20, 2013

Styling tips : Always have a back-up outfit.

Top and bottom from Bangkok // Uniqlo jacket // Zara heels // Givenchy bag // H&M necklace

Whole white outfit has never failed me. Dressed myself up for Topshop reopening event @ Sunway Pyramid. In fact, this look was the second choice in my list because the first one caused me a lot of troubles. First, the top was too loose (because i didn't try it before i bought), and second the zipper broke when i was about to unzip it. How worse can it be?!! *facepalm* But when shitty things happened during styling, always have a back-up outfit in your mind. 

My back-up outfit was completed with a lilac denim jacket. It would be perfect if I've a matching lilac colour bag. Yes, I'm paranoid like this! :p So my back-up bag is this little black bag huannie got for me. It added an edgy element to this feminine chic look I was trying to pull off. Styling is always full of surprise. The moment you thought you will definitely wear this, and the next moment you realize the outfit goes well with an accessory that you would never expect. 

Happy styling weekends.