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Friday, August 30, 2013






啊。。。媽呀~~~ 他到底是誰!


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I went shopping the other day with Mich and Jas, planning to stock up my body lotion. I'm a person who can't live without body lotion. After every shower, I need to apply body lotion or else I will feel my skin is literally drying out (my own imaginary thoughts, which in fact is true but it only dries out in a very slow form). I guess it has become a habit to apply lotion after doing it for more than 10 years. While we were walking around in the mall, and we saw Crabtree & Evelyn

I've always wanted to try their products as Crabtree & Evelyn is the pioneer in botanical formulations for more than 30 years that blends the very best of nature and scene to create luxury benefit-rich bath, body, and home care. So I went crazy shopping in the shop, testing all sorts of lotions. I couldn't decide which range to go for it. WHY ALL SMELLS SO GOOD ONE!!! :s

While I was in a dilemma, the salesperson showed me their latest collection - the fresh, herbaceous scent of Verbena & Lavender de Provence. I'm super in love with this range and ended up buying more than just a body lotion. They even wrapped their products nicely in a cute packaging for me, which makes me love them more. Girls can't help when they see cute packaging, agree? :p

I know you guys may not know what's the smell of Verbena & Lavender de Provence like. Just imagine you are in the beautiful French countryside of Provence with the natural perfume of two of the region’s favourite botanical treasures, carried on the warm breeze.
(Image from Google)
Verbena is deliciously crisp and clean as well being the most luxuriously scented of all the lemon herbs, and the bouquets were also historically floated in bath water to revive the senses while lightly scenting the skin. 
(Image from Google)
As we all know what Lavender smells like, a picture will explain itself. 
(Image from Google)

My current favourite, Verbena & Lavender de Provence body collection. 
Body lotion (250mL, RM98), Hand therapy (100g, RM88), and Spray Cologne (100mL, RM175)

Here are some brief review of these products.
The lightweight body lotion is formulated with conditioning French lemon verbena and French Lavender extracts to create a soft and silky smooth skin. I love it when it gives a vibrant and stylish scent on your skin when you apply it. 

 This restorative hand treatment contains a superior moisturising and conditioning blend of shea butter, macadamia nut oil and antioxidant-rich vitamins C and E. The texture is slightly richer as compare to the body lotion. It might leave a slight stickiness on your hands while you applying it, but it really depends on how much you apply. 
I need to carry hand cream everywhere I go. Not sure if I'm getting old or what, the tendency of feeling hands dryness increases these years. Without hand cream in my makeup pouch, I'll feel empty. The theory is works similar if you forgot to bring your phone.

The light and easy to wear fragrance is ideal for wearing every day. The smell makes you feel like you are in the wild and lively summer in Provence. The fresh scent of verbena and lavender is easily acceptable by both genders. 

Despite of body care products, Verbena & Lavender de Provence also has bath collection. Body bar, and bath and shower gel (250mL, RM70).

Crabtree & Evelyn is available online and in more than 40 countries. For more information or to purchase products, please visit www.crabtree-evelyn.com.my or www.facebook.com/CrabtreeEvelyn.my
Got sick on the weekend right after the fashion bazaar. I bet those spicy kimchi soup and heaty bbq pork I had at Gangnam88 has made it worse, but it was all worthwhile because the food there were so good. I feel better now, and is about time to write about the road trip I went with the Ooi's during Raya holiday.

It was our first time staying at St. Regis Hotel and I just wanna say wow. I absolutely love the set up and amenities in it, especially the bathroom - huge mirrors and bathtub with TV! Their butler service is a treasure hallmark of the St. Regis experience for over 100 years.

After we settled in our room, we went shopping at Orchard and had tea time at Antoinette. Most of the desserts were sold out when we were there, we then had macaroons instead. Perhaps I shall visit other branch in future. 

The next morning, lil Bryan woke me up at 8 to check out the swimming pool. Too bad they do not have separate pools for adults and kids nor jacuzzi, but it was good enough for a morning dip. 
Pardon my naked face.

Don't judge, I know you can see my bones here :/

We had a fun-filled day spent at Universal Studio with countless games and shows except for the angry-part which some USS staffs were inefficient of providing emergency treatment for unexpected situations. 
The queues on every games were crazily long, and we didn't know there are options of express pass or VIP pass on sales. So we queued an hour for the Madagascar water boat ride, and another hour for the Lost World Dino fly around ride but something came up. Basically when it was our turn to take the ride, we found ourselves have no seat to take in because the staff has given less passes to the VIPs. I bet is some sort of miscommunication and it has delayed the entire ride. I knew I might sound inconsiderate to people who were waiting for the ride, but we wanted to see how the USS staffs were going to settle such miscommunication (which was clearly not our fault), and I knew they were not gonna let the VIPs go down. They first suggested us to take the ride right after this turn, but me and huannie refused. We were so mad, not because they did not settle it ASAP and delayed the entire ride time (i know part of the reason is because of us); it was because they did not apologize right at the moment when they knew they deliver less passes to VIPs (which was their fault) to cause this happened. Anyway, the manager I assume has repaid our lost with 10 express passes. I'm not sure this incident was bad or good, but thanks to the innocent VIP guests and inefficient staffs we saved up a lot of time to play more games and watch more shows. 
You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from - Cormac McCarthy. 

Matching monotone outfit with Huannie - yellow splash on black and white!
H&M top // Topshop jegging // Givenchy obsedia bag // Nike flyknit shoes // Super shades

Enjoy reading.
H&M oversized sweater and over-knee socks // New Balance 620 sneakers 

Who's the baddest girl in town? Maybe me because I wore this sweater which printed a baddest word on it, heh. 
Oversized is good. It effortlessly turns a sweater to a dress, which also called sweatshirt dress. To avoid any bum slip moment that often happens when you wear a too-short pants/skirt or dress, wear a short pants (not longer than the outer dress or shirt) or put on a nice underwear. The latter solution defines you as one who pay great attention on undergarment fashion when people accidentally peek. Ok, I know I sound paranoid again. Too know why I've a thing in undergarment fashion, read here.

To finish my sporty chic look, I wore a pair of thigh high socks. The length of the socks is very important because it will somehow make your legs look longer and leaner. It draws the eye upwards and away from the calves. Besides, I always keep a balance in term of colours. White, blue and red. My socks' colours are matching with my sweater, meanwhile the colour of my sneakers stays within this colour palette. 

Before I end this post, remember drop by Bangsar today for my fashion bazaar.
See you guys later.