People often calls girls as BITCH because of their immature, brainless and fucking acting or speaking way.
The paper above which was written by 1 of my housemate, is considered a BITCH i guess.
First, she stole my hanger which i only knew after i came back from Thailand and she ate my other housemates food without permissions. ARE U REALLY SO POOR TO GET FOOD? BITCH!
As what mentioned in the paper, she did apologized, SO WHAT? She even cried in front of my roommate while apologizing in the MIDNIGHT ( bedtime, please don't disturb!!!!). She bought a new hanger and the food for us (me and my roommate) but my roommate didn't accept! The point is she had already returned my hanger what for she buy another exactly the same one for me. I feel like THROWING THAT HANGER INTO THE RUBBISH BIN! *i didn't at last*
I'm here to tell you, Monash Uni has you as their student is a SHAME, BIG SHAME! Ask yourself, can you really finish your medi degree by adopting a SHIT habit like this? LOOK AROUND YOUR ROOM, there are tons of germs and bacteria that affecting your studies, PLEASE DON'T EVEN BOTHER OUR NOISES! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO MAKE YOUR LIFE SO MISERABLE!!! BIATCH!!!!CLEAN YOUR MIND BEFORE U EVEN WRITE TO US!

PS: Forgive my rudeness, just once. Thankieww!