White top - H&M *Should iron my top before shooting, my bad! HAHA* 
Orange high waist skirt - H&M
White flats - H&M

I'm STRESSed UP!!! *running like a mad cow*

Disappointed while browsing through the listed company for my internship, which my uni has provided. Wouldn't say it was too bad yet it wouldn't be interesting enough to stimulate my workaholic-genes!! I was expecting Topshop, but it turned up that this industry included Louis Vuitton, will only put students on the salesman job or whatever u called that. 
I swear i so not gonna spend my 3 months doing this, IMPOSSIBLE
But, i still want an opportunity that evolves around FASHION and FUN! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
I was thinking of Nuffnang....
Hello hello, knock knock. Are you guys accepting internship?

One more thing to nag with u guys is my assignments. Do you find it's arduous moment to start an assignment? *Both hands n legs are up* It definitely is, i'm waiting...waiting for the idea to pop into my mind. If my teammates happen to see this, they will SMACK MY HEAD right after. *Ouchh*
Okay, let's be honest. ( * m * )/
I think.....
I'm just being a lazy bug lately, so i promise myself i'll start doing by this week. Opps, i mean next week.
Teehee \\( ^ p ^ )// 
That's all for the complains and self-comforting. 

PS: BBQ session tomorrow night