Holla Sunday, it's time for HK post update. Before that, i wanna shout, "I'VE FINALLY ENDED ALL MY ASSIGNMENTS, yet FINALS is around the corner!" NERVOUSNERVOUSNERVOUS. Hope everything flow smooth as i wish. 
~Let the pictures speak for thousand words~

Camwhoring before we heading out for shopping spree~\(  o  )/

The partial outfit of the day.  (・_・;) of my innocent face! 

It was only 11 in the morning, the queue was so long that we've to wait for 3 hrs.  ( ' O ' )lll

While walking to another restaurant, i got myself a traditional kinda of kuih-muih which i forgot its name. Hmmmm......lack of information!

Here's the plan B. 

The food we ordered.
炸兩. Don't underestimate the combination of 油條and豬腸粉, it tastes pretty delightful though. 

Their peanut scallop porridge and homemade soya bean. There's a tip to share with you guys while eating porridge is that, DO NOT STIR while eating because it actually dilute the porridge itself which makes it watery. 

The granny and little Bryan. Aren't they are more like mother-and-son?

Su Ann, our tour guide of the day( Θ ε Θ )

3 hours passed, here comes our turn for this 1-Michelin--restaurant~

The narrow space which crowded with dimsum-lovers.

#1 Their signature Char Siew Bun.

#2 Softy yummy carrot cake.

#3 Glutinous pork rice.  

#4 Osmanthus cake.

After those scrumptious dimsum we start our KACHING shopping spree, unfortunately the rain poured.
Walking under the rain with my black flats and legging made my feet turning black-purpleish. ( > o < ;;) It only faded on the next day. *SOBS*

Top, jeggings, Maxi skirts, scarf, flats and checky films i got! \\(⌒▽⌒)//

Long day after we reached hotel room. Camwhored sikit, then continued traveling to Kowloon for Super shades. Click here to check out which design i got, SUPERSHADE.

Su Ann's strongly recommend yoghurt ice-cream, Crumbs!!

The varieties of toppings you can mix.

Mochi is a MUST-TRY topping~

My crumbs with mochi and biscuit chips. 

Random shoot on the taxi. 

So we had our wonderful trip to HK, next day was the day we went back to Kuala-la-la Lumpur. Found out there's a branch of Gong Cha few streets behind our hotel. 

Pearl milk tea as usual. It wasn't that sweet as compared to Malaysia's Gong Cha which few of my friends have been complaining about their high sugar level. 

On our way to airport, bye-bye HongKong. We'll be back.

Till then and i'll miss my blog. 

PS: Time proves everything.