Every 20th is our special day, the day we choose to hold our heart together
It was the 23th monthsary we celebrated last month at Alexis, Bangsar before we heading to party.
Nothing much to say. It was a simply yet meaning dinner for us. Love you huannie boy \*\( ^ 3 ^ )/*/

So now let the SUPASTATIC NIGHT part begins~
Almost 50 of us getting down to Milk club to support our friend, DJ. Ernest aka PakWai. Didn't use to call him a DJ; but his dress-up was pretty like a DJ that night (wearing typical Rayban shades in the night club. DONTGETIT), LOL.
And OH-CRAP, i didn't take a single pic of Eva and Ernest. FAIL ME, FAIL ME!
You guys still can view their pictures by clicking SUPASTATIC!!!
Here's some photos i took during the drink-drank-drunk night~~~
Keng Sing with Miki.

The crowd! We hardly move and imagine people with sweat walking pass you. EWWWwww~ ( > . <''')

The girls. Yvonne, Miki, Alice and Ashley.

Double A.

Me with Ashley. Her hair curl looks great~!

AhPeng aka BenjaminLee.

Benjamin, Daniel, my Huannie. ( o _ O )''

Opppps, my rabbit teeth and super-high forehead. *smackhead*

Mama is getting high~~~

Pretty awesome.

Me and boyfie

With Miss J

Then a Blue Bunny was spotted. Being touching, pinching, molested by the crowd. HAHAHA

The bunny must be enjoying that night while being molested by hot chicks. By seeing this picture, we know the bunny is a HE.

Continue camwhoring while partying. This is what girls do in club?!! Hmmm....Aren't we should be dancing jumping? LOL
Miki and J.

Sweetie pies Javene and Janie.

Me and Javene.

Likey this picture ~. ( ♥ o ♥ ) . ~

à la vôtre

Wanna party rock again with Afrojak but my girls can't manage to go with me!! *roll eyes*
Is anyone going anyway?
OK, random question, bye!

PS: Tolerance is virtue.