That look when you r craving for good food!

Just like Monkey D.Luffy!! XD

Went to Fat Boys burger bar few weeks back. Heard that they r famous of their juicy burgers!

Mua burger partners!
Miao & Jane.

Keat & Ash.

Here's our LET'S GET FAT orders!
#1 My beef wimpy with wheat bread.

#2 Beef wimpy with honey oat bread. 

#3 Keat's self-customized burger! 
The best thing in Fat Boys is you can create your own burger by choosing the ingredients. 

Picha with the girls<3

The burger bar is located at Publika Solaris. The mall is really a new chill-out place for us. Love how they lump together all the nice restaurants, so that we do not have to go so far hunting good food. 
Blessed because i'm sticking around :p

Outfit of the day!
Aquarelle blouse - Zara
Blingbling pants - Boutique @ SZ
Jelly pumps - Salvatore Ferragamo 

Enjoy reading.