It was Liza love birthtday dinner 3 weeks ago. *I know i'm overdue again, again, and again. :p*
I wore a very tropicana dress paired with a metalic silver clutch to highlight my outfit of the night. Love it
Wonder who is the one behind the scene to take all these style shoots?

Is him!
Huannie boy, my all time personal photographer posting with our lovey Woody

Me with Woody boy. He is always shy in front of lens. Opppsss, sorry for showing his birdbird in this picha. *blushing*

Back to topic! We went SkyBar for our private girly celebration.

Tiffany & Co. for the birthday girl.

And she just can't wait to open her present.  

See how happily she smiles makes it all worth.

Freshy juices to start off our bonding session.

Birthday girl posting with her juice! Looking juicy. :D

Food served here is pretty wide ranging. From chinese style fried dumpling.... japansese style soft shell crab maki. FYI, this maki made me go uhh-uhhh!

These are the two orders that looks normal, and tastes normal. Trust me, it's normal. Can't comment much as SkyBar is a BAR not a proper dining restaurant.

Bonding session always comes with camwhore session, like a pacakge thing, YOU KNOW!
So let's picture time!

Sweetest Bunny girl calling from Asussie just to wish her a Happy Birthday, but birthday girl seemed too busy to entertain in the middle of camwhoring session. Hahahahahaha

I look so tanned beside Snowwhite Lengleng. Nuuuuuuuuu~~

We both equally tanned, high 5~ 

100% camwhore freak - my Jane!


Enough of pretty picture? I'll show you the last vain pic of mine! *wink*

Love the way we stick together even after so many years. Been through a lot with them and we knew we will always by each others sides.
A group pic to end this memorable date, xx
Paiseh, my leg wasn't ready! = , ='''

Yesterday was another sweetest day. *low quality pic using iphone front cam*
A bonquet of white roses can melt my heart. Thank you for treating me as your most precious one, love you boo