Remember that smize, and smize that way after my finals!
You guys must have been wondering what's smize means? It basically refers to smile with your eyes, coined by Tyra Banks. So remember smizing :)

Tonight i won't be updated regard the overdue Melacca post, nor Bangkok post because i have something more important to share with before Huannie nags me.
It was our 3rd year anniversary dinner last month. Can't believe we have walked so far and still loving each other deeply<3
My hairdo of the night.
Boyfie took me to il Lido Italian restaurant for our celebration. The ambiance is very nice with minimalistic and stylish deco.  

List of food we had for our night.
Amuse Bouche.

Pan Roasted Scallops with Asparagus Cream, Egg Yolk & Truffle Sauce.

Random shot while i was enjoying my fav scallops. 

Squid Ink Taglierini with Crab & Saffron.

Wagyu Beef Cheek with Caramelized Root Vegetables.

Burrata Cheese Agnolotti with Mushroom Ragu.

Traditional tiramisu as dessert.
Sweet cracker.

We sat and talked for almost 2 hours, just like how we used to talk and laugh in the car for hours when we just pakto-ed! Lucky to have you

Our coordinates. 

Am a happy girl that night because i received ze best present i ever wanted, teehee<3
If you guys notice, i was using it for my anni dinner. Very striking colour, which i love it.

Not to forget to make a handmade card for this memorable date, 20th June 2012. Though it may sound old-fashioned to some of you out there, but i insist to do a handmade card for my beloved one. Is the sincerity that matters.

I love you. Always have, always will

Ahem....ahem....I'm actually in the middle of my finals, which means WAR TAIME!!! So i guess i'll stop spreading love here and get back to revision.
Will be more active when my finals end, xx