Hey you! Yea, it's you. Don't ever copy my pictures and words to put in your blog! I mean, "HELLO, DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELL SHAMEFUL?" i bet you don't know. I admit it was part of my fault of not putting copyright in every pictures, which give you a chance. But a genteel person should not Ctrl C and Ctrl V used on top of ur name. BISH to all the copycats out there!! 

If i talk about this issue, it'll be going on and on and on...
So, let's check out my outfit post to chill a little. 

Pastel green top and metallic spiky necklace from Bangkok

Currently at my home sugar home with my daddy Law and mama Law. Imma definitely become a fatty bumbum when mom 24/7 feed you! :o MAMA, i'm so staffed! Stop asking me if i want anymore food. This is my MOM, loving me by giving me more and more food. O-M-G!
Speaking of food, bwincessnana needs to go now. Mom is making me a fresh fruit feast, teehee~ (Y)