August coming in, kicking start my first day of the month with my babe J and long-lost Mandy. Lil Mandy brought us to the ramen restaurant at Publika.
My first time @ Yamagoya Ramen. Pay a visit before 4pm, don't go in vain *wink*

While waiting for our ramen!

Mukashi ramen, on nom nom~

Gyoza, similar to our chinese dumpling.

Stir fried vegetables.

Slurppp the soup~~

Tourists alike to take pic in front of the ramen shop. :D

With sweetie girl :) 

Did some fun shoots while thinking our after-meal dessert place. 

Meet Fresh @ Paradigm mall. First time visit, i mean both the mall and the dessert shop. Sorry, i'm so outdated! :s

Getting our sweetness craving fixed.

Our day ended with laughters and fun. Much more plans will be happening in this month, couldn't be more excited. \\( n . n )// 
First day of August, well spent