Rise and shine, greetings from me and Woody boi
How's Tuesday treating you? If you find it tough, try to bear with it a little more as next time is Raya holiday! Youcandowhateveryouwant, YAYEH!!!

Continuation of last post regarding birthday gift, and yeaaaaa...before i forgot to blog about the last Wednesday morning surprise, let's chart in now!
I received a parcel all the way from Penang. Unexpected surprise from my couple friends Anerly Fang and BlancoChoo, imma overloaded with their sweetness. *melt*

They wrote me a card, too sweet liaooooooo~~ *double melt*

My first gift of 21st, arigato<3>

Close-up of mua pinkish Juicy Couture charm hair bands 

Couldn't get enough my pinkish sweetness above? 
Let's get somemore sugar-ness from Toshiba Satellite M840. With latest Intel® Processors and its other key specifications i mentioned in my previous post, Toshiba can provide you with better quality performance at both work and play. 
Toshiba Satellite M840, gettin' you a way to lighten your day with this pinkish notebook.
Check out their Fb page for more infor, www.facebook.com/ToshibaNotebookPC.
Gonna end my pinkish cherish post here, and heading out to brunch.
Tata readers, x