Booo, no plan for my Raya holiday :( No road trip, no party, NOT FUN! I should probably utilize these time to start hitting the gym! Friend has been telling me this new fitness center in town which provides both kickboxing and yoga class i interested. Ummm, thinking whether to join the membership or go for the specialized yoga class and kickboxing class. Dilemma dilemma, all i wanna know is i must get my body into shape before it becomes miserably saggy! *birthday celebration sequelae*

Must start work out this week!!!!!!!!!!!! *determined smile fail*
Anw back to the topic, had my pre-birthday celebration with my D's at Harrods. We decided to make it a brunch, first taimeee

The environment was cozy and relaxing in which to have traditional English afternoon tea.

One thing about Harrods is that their dining table is very limited, probably less than 10. But i've seen new individual Harrods cafe is opening soon at KLCC. Couldn't be more excited to visit the newly store.

Devonshire cream and jams.

Afternoon tea set - RM120++ for 2 pax.

A closer look of the tea set.
Mini sandwiches.

Mini cakes and chocolates.


Wondering who's the D's enjoyed afternoon tea with me?

Jeng Jeng Jeng~
D's member, Jane.

D's member, Nat nat.

Tea then dessert at Cream & Fudge factory.

Me and Jane were indulging ourselves in the heavenly combination of chocolate and marshmallows. Nom nom nom~

Nat's greentea ice cream, perhaps not so good for me! :p Don't like the taste of mint in ice cream texture, is like double coldness. Mint (cold) + ice cream (cold) = super minty chilly ice cream! Weirddddd!

Was another sweetest day spent with my D's. Appreciate how they made my twenty-one so fabulous