Yelluu to all the homeboys and homegirls outthere, it's T.G.I.Friday! Please don't stay home, go out and have some fun! Or....maybe not if you r indoorsy sometimes, like me right now! You probably want to stay home and read my blog. :p

My nat nat flew to Bangkok this morning for Sensation White Asia party tmr night! So jelly because i'm gonna miss this whitey huge rave party! Ugh, can someone fly me to the upcoming one at Taiwan? :(
Since i'm missing the chance to party in White, let's see how i look if i was there in White.
Back view.  
Closer look of my frizzy hair. :o Need hair treatment rescue! However, because of the frizziness makes my hair a greater volume. It may sound unprofessional, but it works for me and idontknowwhy

Front view.

Side view. 

My accessories.
Wore this outfit last week while having my pre-birthday brunch with my girls. Guess i'll look too elegant if i dress this way to a rave party, justsaying. Definitely would wear a casual one if i was there! Ish ish, i'm still feeling psychological unbalance! *smack me
FINGER SNAP, back to reality. At least, i got a plan tonight to watch Expendables 2!  (Y)

Gotta go, taking a stroll with my Woody at DPC later.
wroof wroof~
Happy weekends and Happy Raya holiday, x