Rise and shine readers! I'm at Bintulu now, just finished my werkkk last night with my babe Charlene and Jane. It was a great night for us! Met a new ang moh friend, Alexia from Singaland :)
Picture of us after the show @ the Eternity Club in town.
More updates will be up soon, stay tune. *wink*

Just going to do a quick outfit post because i'm heading out for food!!! Have this Sarawak laksa craves since i arrived here. Sarawakian style! :p
Top: Match my comme stripes tee with a white collared shirt. If you've a black colour comme tee, i think it would be nice to match with a black collared shirt! Try it out perhaps :D
Bottom: Topshop hotpants!
It was a casual coordinate i was trying to bring out! Like it like it?
All coordinate pictures are dedicated to my huannie boi.
Missing him loads as i'm away from home for almost 2 weeks. Homesick :(
That's all for another outfit post, great weekends party people! I knew Hennessy is happening tonight and IMMA GOING TO MISS IT! OKWHATEVERBYE!