While you are reading this post, i'm probably at the ChurpOut2012 event now. 
Don't bother to look for me in the poster, i'm not there! LOL.
Dragged by babe J to help her out, or i should say to accompany her as it will be a whole-day event from 11am to 10pm @ Publika! Many other blogger icons would be there raping off their closet and selling their pre-loved/new items. Come look for us there *grins*

Okie, back to topic - J's birthday dinner! We went to La Vie en Rose for the celebration. 
However, it took us 3 times of postpone to finally make it happened. 1st postpone is because babe Leng couldn't make it due to her work, 2nd time is because of babe Liza's exam, 3rd time which i've forgotten what reason, and at last we were celebrating Jane's birthday after her actual date on 16th. Sounds so insincere right? In fact we were not as we were just trying to make sure every babes are attending this celebration. *Jane will understand us, lol*

Look at the name, you'll definitely know it's a french restaurant. But something silly we did that night under this romantic atmosphere was that we happily brought our Moet, planning to have a drinking session after the dinner. HOWEVER, the restaurant doesn't allow BYO (bring your own) license. Siensation. - , -'''
Forget about the alcohol part, let's skip to the foodporn pictures.  
Complementary bread with the....hmmm if you know the second starter's name, pls let me know. HAHA
Escargots for entrée.
Mushroom soup.
Roasted duck breast.
Duck shank.
Sauteed chicken with bacon.
Ratatouille! I didn't know this is cooked with all vegetables like green peppers, tomatoes and etc. It makes me love it more! Proven me again i'm a vege person :p
J's fav mashed potato.
Then it was dig in time, om nom nom nom nom~

How could girls like us not taking pictures at this memorable day, so let's see some happy faces :D
Daphne girl was back to Malaysia last month for only 2 weeks and she's now at Perth! *snift snift*
Lastly a group picture, which idunnowhy i was standing at the center! Look like i'm the birthday girl - , -''' Probably because everyone came to my seat when taking picture and this is the only pic i hav in my cam, so yeah that was what happened.
Till then, don't forget to visit me and Jane @ ChurpOut 2012!