Oppss, same outfit with my previous post Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest if you recognize. If you don't, now you do. :p Gonna do a short one today as it's about the second round after the Oktoberfest event. 

Went to iDarts @ Sunway Giza for Daphne girl farewell! Time passes real soon, it's the 2nd week since she left Malaysia. :( Hope you r doing great in Perth, we miss you. *kiss kiss*

Let me introduce some new faces. 
William, Daphne's best friend in Perth. A banana who doesn't understand and speak Mandarin, it's fun we talking about him in Mandarin (right in front of him) which he has no idea! lol
Keat (right) is posing with his signature 翻白眼 pose. Don't know how to translate it in English, but i bet you guys would know what i'm trying to describe by just looking at the picture. HAHAHA
Boyfriend: What chu want babeh?
Girlfriend: I think i should ignore you atm. :o
Newly couple, Sin Yee and Leonard Chua. 
Such coincidence, Sin Yee knew my babe Liza too. Small world. And another big issue iz SHE IS YOUNGER THAN ME! OMG, i feel old. :s

Same old gang faces. 

Nothing much to write about as iDarts is just darting darting and darting, drinking drinking and drinking. One thing different is that iDarts here is much smaller and are crowded with youngsters, meanwhile the one we usually went (iDarts gold) is more classy and packed with....ahem...i would say elder people, which means we are elder people! No no no, of course not. It's because our friend is the owner there that's why we go there often okay! Whatever
Till we meet again Daphne girl