Since most of you desperately want to read about Halloween post, so i'm gonna write a long long one for you guys. Please don't fall sleep or skip any part while reading cuz i know Jane and Ash probably have done blogged about this post, lol

We checked in MyHabitat service apartment (right behind Double Tree hotel) at about noon time and began to decorate our suite. 
Some decoration highlights.

We also prepared some Halloween-themed food. (pictures stolen from Jane's camera)
Volka jelly done by Jane. 
Failed mummy dogs cuz we couldn't fincrescent dough thing. 
Sausage fingers (Ashley and Jane) , sandwiches (me) , eyeball boiled eggs (Jane & me) , and eyeball sticks (lychees and berries) by Javene.
Played safe and ordered pizza in case those guys can't swallow our food, lol.
Halloween cuppies, best presentable food of the night!

Before i move on, there's a story behind this successful party. After we done preparing all the stuffs and ready to doll up for tonight party, the electricity gone off due to the stupid aircon. TERRIBLE F*! *STAY POSTIVE* We were forced to move to another room which literally means we have to move all our decorations and foods from 28th floor to 17th floor! OMAIGODNESS! *STAY POSITIVE* Yes, we did moved redid all the decorations. Later while Javene and Tifford the PandaWong were making sausage cheese bake, same shit happened again. *STAY POSITIVE* But this time we were luckier as we didn't have to move. It was just because the oven used up too much electricity, so....we couldn't make our sausage cheese bake at last. Duhhhhh!!!
Anyway, we weren't beaten up by the earlier shit and done everything before others arrive. 
Imma Arabian princess! PASS?
Minnie mouse Ashely.
Wizardgirl Jane.
Sexxyyy cop Natalie!
DC character, Silk Spectre Cherrie.
Everyone knows Catwoman Evangeline.

The boysssss dress-up went way to extreme! Totally beat our girls!!!!!!! 
Lee Jie as an Egyptian queen.
Typical Chinese Celebrity (Aunty category) Huannie. 
Princess of China Loongkei.
Arabian Kim!
Mario Miaomiao.
Japanese warriror NgeeTong.
Waiter back in China dynasty Nic.  
Disney Princess Keat. 
Fairy tales are bullshits, all the princess smoke in reality! lol
When Princess Keat met Mario.

If you are upset, please look at these pictures, try to laugh and realize how wonderful our world is. HAHAHA
One of the epic picture!
Why Lee Jie can be sexier than me?!!! T.T
With my crazyyyy huannie boy. His sausage red lips and big modle are too hilarious!!! XD
Wizard terrified!
Are we classified as same zone? LOL
Our pretty costumes are incomparable with the above crazie ones!
Panda and Javene with Jane-handmade props! Kawaii des~
Gone wrong part! 
A kiss from China Princess.
Playing around with the cupcakes. 
The climax part of the party, the camera scavenger game! Everyone is separated into 4 teams. Each team was assigned for 3 tasks chosen from the box. The 3 fastest team to upload 3 pictures with b1171 hashtag are the winner and loser team will have to receive evil punishment! 
Team 1 members!
Team 2!
Team 3!
Team 4!

So the loser team was.....Jane's team! Finish all volka jelly as punishment! I know it tastes like shit and make you drunk because we made it, lol
After that, we played truth or dare which are not supposed to be revealed here. :p 

Lastly, group pictures!
Checky memories with the gang!
It was one of the crazy night ever! Successful party, proud of me and the Laus' sister! Will definitely plan another one for Xmas maybe! :)
Guys, be prepared!