Life is short, so just try on anything, of course legally if you have a chance. I know i'm being random, but this is true! If you have not try to eat bitter goat, try it now; if you have not try to sit roller roaster, try it now; if you have no try to watch ghost movie alone, try it now; if you have not try to draw a lego eyeliner, try it now. Main point is here, LEGO EYELINER!
I drew this new style of eyeliner last month for David Guetta rave party. As you can see from many fashion magazines (i assume you read some), new style of eyeliners are pretty in-trend now! For me, eyeliner is one of the important part when it comes to make up. It makes your eyes look extraordinary bigger! Power of make-up, lol.
It's basically an eyeliner that draws like a lego-shaped or square-shaped at its end.
Why i named it Lego eyeliner?
No, i didn't name it. I came across this term from a Thai celebrity, Vil Wannarot.

I didn't manage to do an eyeliner tutorial for you guys. I remember i was rushing to go out because we were late for Guetta! Anyway, here're some close-up pictures for you guys to see how does it look like at different angles.
Doesn't look really square when i look down, most probably is because my eyes are eichhornia crassipes. I googled the term but end up i couldn't find a word that close enough to describe, if you could understand in Mandarin, it means 鳳眼; if not, please google as well. :p
I assume you guys know how to draw a square-shaped. If not, practice to draw square on paper, then only start drawing lego eyeliner. Just a few steps will do. 
1. Draw a basic eyeliner, not too thick.
2. Towards the end of your eyeliner, draw a square-shaped like above pictures have shown. 
3. Connect your square-shaped by drawing the bottom part of your eyes. Touch up the thickness accordingly. 
Then it went fashionably great on my eyes, lol~ *syok sendiri*
It doesn't look too strange or unusual on my eyes. In fact, it actually looks very much alike the eyeliner i usually drew. > , <''' Maybe i should try to draw a thicker lego-shaped next time, ummmm ummmm~
I'm not sure if i have failed this new try or not? Please comment! Hopefully is positive, lol.