Yayer, won a pair of tickets to Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 pre-screening yesterday! Can't wait can't wait, Bella is finally become what she ever wanted and i wanna see her pretty daughter comes along with Jacob! But i don't want Twilight series to end T.T  Twilight fans, am i right?
Just being curious do you guys inject urself into the movie character?
I'll, no i should say i always inject myself. I guess this is way i always laugh/cry like a sohpo while watching a movie, lol. Too emotional.
*sohpo means silly woman in cantonese*

Throwback post! Went all the way to Penang to celebrate my babe ViVi's twenty-one big day

We 5 girls travelled north and managed to arrive safely without me and KeiKei's protective boyfriends around! Girls nowadays are pretty independent though *flip hair*!
At night, ViVi brought us to David Brown's Restaurant and Tea Terraces @ Penang Hill. I thought it was a small hill which we can literally park our car and walk to the restaurant! In fact it's not!
We parked our car, took a train up to the hill, walked numbers of staircases and crooked roads...
and finalleh we were there!
One word, breathtaking!
First thing to do when i arrived iz not taking pictures of the restaurants's environment (what we blogger usually do), but order food! We were all too hungry!
Much some carbo while waiting our main course to be served.
Cream of mushroom.
I realized it was a poultry feast because we all ordered chicken as our main courses, lol.

Spring chicken.
Devilled Chicken!
Chicken Maryland.
Chicken A La King.

After dinner, we stayed for a while...i mean quite some time to take silly pictures as below. You can view more pictures from Vivi's Facebook album.
Happy bodies and limbs!
Happy faces! 
Me with ze best night scenery!

We then walked all the way down to the foot of the hill! Back to service apartment, evil us were all prepared to surprise her! I first hide her present in the bathroom and requested everyone to wash their feet before stepping further in our room.
Evil plan worked pretty well. She didn't scream and leap in the air as what we expected, most probably ViVi is more a cool person! Anyway, we wrapped her present in a very economical + recyclable way!
She showed a lil excitement when unwrapping her present, lol. 
Silly babe still don't know what's present we are giving her. I mean she knows is a pair of walker heels, but she iz not familiar with the brand! OK, a bit failed! = , =''' ViVi, please do your homework and google it how awesome this present is! 
After explaining to her how awesome this walker heels is and insisting her to put on it, she finally says she loves it! Awwwww, as long as you love it we are happy. Honestly if you don't love it, we would be bit disappointed. Real feelings man!!! 

Second round, we went to Mois! Before we arrived Mois, we were actually doing bar hopping. Couldn't find a good club here, at that moment you know KL is the best to party!
We had champagne shower that night, thanks big sister Nat for the treat! DJ were playing our old times songs when we partyed at Poppy (a club we used to go every weekends 3 years back). Awesome rawsome~
BigHeadShots. Some pictures are blur, because we were in tipsy mode. *giggles*

After party venue - La Mei Zi aka Spicy Girl Steamboat! Best place to sober up, which in fact everyone get drunk and sleep there while eating. LOL Trust me, i wasn't drunk that night. I've no idea why i laugh while writing this sentence. You get the clue?
Only 5 of us know the behind stories, xoxo

Last, my coordinate of the night! Credit to Jane.
Topshop dress, necklace from Thimble boutique, McQ-inspired clutch NakedKimchi walker heels.

That's a wrap for today, x