Happy midweek! Don't you worry don't you worry child, see heaven's got a plan for you, don't you worry dont you worry now, tomorrow is a holiday yeahhhh!!

Apparently i'm blogging about SHM tonight. 
Did Pearypie's inspired pinkish make-up. It wasn't that easy to draw pink brows, especially when you can't find pink brow pencil. Used crayon eyeliner instead > , <

Everything was great that night except for the rain. Wetness wetness and wetness, turned my mood away. Or maybe because i wasn't wearing my lens so everything felt so wrong, girlsbeinggirls!

A theme of colourful brows, lovin' it 

Our outfit shots of the night.

Boys rocking at SHM!

Many many brows shots! :D

So Swedish House Mafia's one last tour just ended like that. Wasn't really enjoy the music and yeah you know why, the stupid rain. I hope they would come again as though many artists always claim that it will be their last concert or rave.
So let's just see if SHM would have party again. *wink*