If i were born in the 80s, probably i'm the old-fashioned one because my wardrobe is black and dull. I was invited to a friend birthday party - theme 80s! Squeezing my brain juice thinking of "WHAT I'M GONNA WEAR TODAY". It ended up whole or maybe half of my wardrobe overturned onto my bed!

80s theme goes with bright neon colours! Not letting myself look underdressed for the party with her pretty pink dress, i matched it with an oversized blazer. 

Heels or flats?

Concerning of comfortability, i chose to wear flats! But frankly, heels make your body proportion looks better. If you feel comfortable to wear heels all day, the first look will definitely be more stylish (in short, you would look hotter!) :D

My 80s-themed look wasn't complete without head scarf and funky big shades which i got them during the party. Met a friend during the party and she told me why 80s fashion is filled with bright coloured clothing is because 80s represents a new world of freedom, boundaries-free fashion that brought smiles and joyous memories. At that moment, i wish i was born in the 80s so that i could experience that fashion evolution period.

Anyone, what do you think of my 80s theme party look! PASS laaaaaaaa~ lol
I would try to stock in more colourful clothing as it makes me feel happier when i'm dressed with colourful clothes. I don't mean to put every colour on your outfit, just one highlight will be great!
Zara dress // MNG blazer // b + ab necklace // Vivienne Westwood X Melissa flats