What do girls usually do when they are bored?
Scroll down and you'll know, lol.
Selca-ing with my glasses on. Lens-free pictures are not like what i think which you would want-to-punch-me-in-the-face right? RIGHT?!!

Quick fashion tips - How to create adorably stylish look when you are wearing a sweater with a pair of jeans plus a nerdy specs? (jeans are not shown in below pictures) Again, refer to more selca pichas, teehee~
Wear a beanie! 
Beanie is one of the perfect casual accessory to mellow out the colours of my comfy warmy outfit during rainy day/cold weather. Carefully wearing a beanie can help revive one of the most popular problem Asian girls encounter - bed head hair. It could magically make our bed head look deliberately tousled if wear correctly. Letts together say byebye to bed head look :D