While moaning why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so near to Monday, i soon realize i do not have any class or exams after tomorrow. So here it's my very last day in Sunway, mixed feelings :/ It seems like yesterday that i was attending my first class and it took me one hour to find the classroom. Le sigh, little fractious me gotta move on to adult life sooner than i thought. Nvm, i still have my blog and you all to cheer me up :)

So continue my last week post about Leng's birthday bash & after party, here's the outfit i put on for occasion like this. Gotta be feminine and stylish, teehee~
Bodycon dress never fail me!
Sorry for the CHUBBY PEOPLE, i knew you probably not like this post because you would think that only me (or people like me) can wear this kinda of dress and I knew you would comment i'm too skinny or whatsoever terms you wanna use. But yea, bodycon dress is meant for some skinny b*tch like me! *evil laughs* For chubby friends, i suggest you are motivated by reading this post if you wanna wear bodycon dress! Or you go forever chubby, PEACE! :D

Topshop bodycon dress // NakedKimchi heels // YSL clutch // Diva ring // Chanel earrings

Sorry if my words goes a little extreme for this stylish post, but you know you love me xoxo
Nanight readers x