Been receiving quite a number of feedbacks from my B*tch in Bodycon styling post, totally out-of-my-expectation! I don't know why people cannot accept the fact! If you ever think from the view point of a chubby person, putting on a bodycon dress will expose her shortcomings! So why argue with me insisting chubby people can pull off bodycon dress nicely?!! Don't get me wrong, i do not say all chubby people can't pull off nicely. Look at Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and many other celebrities' body shape. To me their body shape is chubby, but for them those are curves! Different people have different beauty perspective, i think mine is more towards Victoria Beckham kinda skinny-beauty. But anyway, i appreciate all the feedbacks you deliver and i would try my best to please you all next time :) 
Also there's some issue going on in my IG acc, readers or haters (i don't know what should i call them) spamming comments on my pictures. It was really nice for you to comment each of my pictures but pls at least reveal your real identity before you even start comment about people. Don't hide behind and act like you know me well. 
Appreciate for your cooperation, and i love my readers

Skipping the overly-dramatic topic above, i'm gonna write about Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash happening last Saturday @ Lust KL! 
Went there together with Mich and Jas because princess (ME, lol) was so lazy to drive to town. 
It was my first time joining NN's birthday party, i was expecting to have free flow of food and drinks, good music playlist, and meeting bunch of pretty bloggers! And yes, all that did realized, but i wasn't expect to see so many balloons! I LOVE HELIUM BALLOONS! 

Jas, Mich, and EVERYBODEH loves taking picture with balloons, lol. Unless you've globophobia (the fear of balloons). 

So after photobooming session with the balloons, we went upstairs (the VIP area) to chill, nom and wait for my gang (I realized most of my gang are bloggers, lol) to come. While waiting, best thing for bloggers to do is..........................TAKE PICTURE LAAAAA! HAHAHAHAHA
Audrey hair is so chioooo~
Joyce's hair never grow, lol. 
Mua babysitter Mich Mich
Bobo with her greennnnnnnn hair on the right!
Sweetie Sue Ann.

My gang! :D
Simply love this picture, NatNat
KeiKei vs NaNa!
Matchy blazer look! 

Group picture nowwww!

By now you probably think this is another post loaded with all pretty selca pictures, YOU ARE WRONG! 
We had an epic ugly face challenge going on that night. 
So you guys tell me who can best tug their face? :D

My look for NN's Birthday Night! 
My NN went reflected, lol. 
Why am i wearing a headphone because it was the theme of the party, but less than 5 people were actually following the theme. = , =''' Anyway, it matched pretty well with my outfit thou :p
Top and Skirt from Sungei Wang // MNG blazer // NakedKimchi heels // Beats by Dre headphone

Signing off now, x