Came across Xpax Don't Lose It All video and it reminded me a lot of my last relationship. It was a long-distance one. I could still remember how hard it was for me to keep contact with someone who is so far away from me. 
Similar with this story, there have been many ups and downs in the relationship between Amy, Nick & Joe. Their lives depended on data to keep in touch but sadly Amy and Nick drifted apart, not just by distance but also through communication. Even though Amy felt comfortable when she is with Joe, she still could not let go of the whole relationship she had with Nick. But when Nick returned, he had lost his memory including those memories he had with Amy and now Amy is caught in between. It's tough for her to make this final call but she eventually must decide.

If you missed out on the full story, you can catch the final episode here and rest of the episodes on Xpax Youtube channel at

I come to realize that keeping in touch is very important in a relationship especially long distance one after watching these short episodes. Though I'm not in a long distance relationship, my love and care will not be any lesser. 
For example, a heart-warming morning/good night message will make his day

Simple things like video calling/skyping, Whatsapp-ing or even tweeting or updating fb status to your loved one could keep the relationship lovey dovey :)
So all these applications basically require you to have data! If you are still in a non-data zone, you can dial *128#, pick a pack and load up on data to stay 24/7 in touch with your loved one

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