I don't normally talk about politic issue on my blog. But all the newsfeed on my FB timeline which i could hardly ignore finally has triggered my interest to read some of them. I came across one article just now, saying about a Cambridge student who has to pass through so much hassle just to vote for his country. I share common thoughts with him wondering why voters have to go through so many troublesome during voting process. I understand its importance of accurate voting requirement but some rules are just too unnecessary, for instance canvasser is not allowed to wear nail colour or allow foreigner workers to hold right to vote for our country (what's nonsense is these?). Obviously those are the dirty tricks that xx party want to stay in power. Even people like me who often do not understand much about political issue feel so shameful. I don't know whether a new leader will change all these, but changes are definitely needed in this country. Though the real world looks ugly, it's the way it works. You either change or adapt. 

I think i run away from my topic away too far, let's get back to my visit to a less corrupted country - Sydney, Australia :)
Day 4th, we went for a window shopping at QVB (Queen Victoria Building, one of the historical building) and grabbed coffee before heading to Westfield shopping mall. Basically Westfield has everything you need, from international brands like Zara, Chanel, MiuMiu, Ksubi, and etc to boutiques like Sungei Wang. Because their business hour is from morning to 5 or 6pm, so basically you do not have much time to shop like you used to be in KL. If you want to do a long shopping spree, better get up early (my shopping tips, lol). 
The interior of QVB is so beautiful. 

After shopping spree, we went to Bondi beach. It was about sunset time so we took a walk along the shore. The beach isn't peppered with sun worshippers by that time, but Bunnyy said usually it was crowded as the locals love to come here for sunbathing or picnic in the morning. If I'm coming again, i would definitely arrange a picnic over here! 
Nor forget my ootd shoot, teehee~
H&M top // Topshop leather pants // Diva chunky necklace // Ksubi shades

With my loves

You can tell the weather was actually very chilly by looking at Huannie's pose. I'm professional poser, so must pretend!!! Hahahahaha...

Dinner was settled at Hurricane's Grill, one of the best food I ever had in Sydney! 
The classic caesar salad as our stater.
Here's the bomb, full rack pork ribs with chips! The portion is pretty big, so it's better you order full rack and share with someone else.
These ribs made my boys went speechless.
I was like, 'Hey dear, the ribs are so good right?"
Huannie, '.....'. Silence.
I patiently asked again, and he continued ignore my question. I guess the ribs are really good :D
We finished 2 full rack ribs. Vincent had the most, fatty boom boom. :p

At night, we took another walk along Circular Quay soaking ourselves in the atmosphere of the beautiful harbour city. It's one of the most famous Sydney's attractions which you can see the view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. 
It was one awesome night for us (because we went to second-round makan trip after this, will blog about the restaurant soon). Stay tune for more, lovesssss
Gonna crash now, nanight x