After 8 days of not seeing my baby boo, we are now back to each other side. Missing him like peanut butter
I think it's good to separate sometimes because you will miss each other more, and you will appreciate the relationship more. Couples who are seeing each other 24/7 will definitely (maybe not definitely, but 90% of them) become less patient in certain ways. I often become impatient and started to throw my princess temper on huannie when my things got messed up, either way huannie get impatient in helping me taking pictures like 933839 times. LOL!
Every couples will have their "pissed-off" point, but do remember it doesn't mean the love is gone. For me, this "pissed-off" point will only happens on people you truly rely on and trust. Because deep inside your heart you know even though u throw temper on them, they will not leave you. They are either family, buddies or your boyfriend. You might say boyfriend might leave you one day (i'm totally agree), but at this moment i know he won't :) So be good to him and don't make your loved ones leave you.

It's a month to our 4th year anniversary and i got this sweetest message from him this morning when i woke up. Awwww, how come my huannie so sweet one *shed tears* I know i know, i'm too sentimental :p

Anyway, happy 47th monthsary to us and happy 520 too♥ 
For those who doesn't know what does 520 stands for, it basically means 'i love you' in Mandarin. I know is lame (because one of my girlfriend said is stupid when we wish us happy 520), but is indeed another sweet date right? :D
I hereby wishing everyone stays lovey dovey~

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