Awww, don't chu love my Woody boi? *giggle*

It was his 2nd birthday celebration last weekend. Huannie and I has made a perfect plan for him, yet sh*ts happened. Buuuuuuuu....First, we didn't get to collect his special-made cupcakes on time because the pet shop forgot to make our order. So no doggie cupcakes for a doggie birthday, what's the worst that could happen?!! Nvm, I always have a PLAN B. I drove all the way to Publika, grabbed cupcakes from WonderMilk (i know they are for humans, but that's the only way to make the party looks better) and some balloons. While on my way home, the sky turned dark and here were the raindrops. Suppose to bring him to DesaPark City park to celebrate together with other doggies and yet due to the bad weather, venue changed to Huannie's house. Ok, so this is the worst thing that happened. 

The birthday party was pretty much failed, no doggie friends to play with, no doggie cake, no big land for him to run :/ But, at least he got us and his human friends to celebrate with him. I hope that was good enough for him :)
Felt so sorry for him so I allowed him to have a red velvet cupcake :p

I bet the guilt haunted the owner of the pet shop, she called at night and asked whether she could send us another cake, which she ordered from another bakery shop but she could only deliver here at about 9pm. So forget about it, and I asked her to send the original cupcakes (which me and huannie special ordered for Woody) to us tmr before evening time. Though we were angry at the frist place, I appreciate her effort trying to fix her mistake. Love this kind of service :) 
Here's Woody's Turn 2 birthday cupcakes, cute right? You can order these cupcakes or other cakes from D'Pet located near AEON Big (previously was Carrefour). 
Woody wants to eat a mini-version of himself on top of the cupcake, lol. Soooo cute

Having sugar overdosed after continuously noming cupcakes for two days > , < Guess i'll organize a better birthday party for doggie next time *determine*! 
Once again, happy birthday to my love Woody boi. Love you forever and ever x

PS: Just in case you guys are not aware, toy poodle 2 years old equal to human age 24. Google and don't ask me why. It was hard for me to accept, but i hope Woody will age in a slower pace. Woody, you should wish to stay forever young ok? Mummy want to stay with you forever, mwah