One can't run away living without stress. When I was a student, I was stressed because of assignment due dates and exams. Now I'm graduated, I'm stressed too looking for employment. You just can't run away from it. 
Many of you may look at stress as a negative energy, but not me! I see STRESS as a positive driving force that motivates me to achieve my goal. So how do I make this driving force keep going, it basically requires 3 main elements. 
1. Desire level. It means how desperate you want that goal. The level of desperation varies. I believe if the desire is strong enough, it will make you to seek all sort of ways to achieve that particular goal (not illegally of course). 

2. Health condition. You gotta be healthy and stay energized during the stress period. You can't be sleepy and tired when you are fighting for you exam or on-the-way achieving your goal. Want to know what's my health secret to stay energized all day?
It's Pharmaton!
Pharmaton is a multivitamin supplement that has a rich and balanced nutrition needed to help combat with your tiredness and keep you alert. With standardized ginseng extract G115, it helps improve your concentration and memory retention. It increases your overall physical and mental performance during the stress season. 

All you need to do is just to consume 1 daily preferably with breakfast or brunch. Log on to for more infor :)

Speaking of Pharmaton, I went to a Hi-Tea party with Pharmaton at Swich Cafe, Menara HP the other day. During the event, they introduced the benefits of Pharmaton products and later there was a memory game session which all the bloggers were having fun. 

Pharmaton was so sweet to give each of the bloggers their personalized gift. Mine one was all about doggie accessories. They know i love my Woody, dont't they? See how cute Woody putting on his shirt, looking so smart there and he's loving his new toy too. 

Back to no 3, Healthy lifestyle. Adopt a healthy lifestyle can avoid going cray cray :)
Sometimes you need to find a way to let go of your stress. For me, I love to talking inspirational friends because they are always so positive-minded and these energy will keep me positive and boost my confident in what i've been doing all this while. I'll also buy myself dessert when I got so tensed up, one of the effective ways to destress. 

Hope these are useful for you all. Don't fear of stress, absorb it and digest out with a better goal and dream. 
Not forget to try out Pharmaton products as well. A pharmaton a day keeps a doctor away *wink*