Two weeks ago when I was in Singapore for F1 concert with my girls, we were already planning to visit some of the famous restaurants in town. It is always good to have someone local to bring you. In singapore, it will definitely be my brother, Kenny :)

Below were the 4 most satisfying cuisines we had there. 
#1 Bibigo @ Raffles City Mall (korean).
Coincidently we were watching BigBang concert that night, so korean food before korean concert. Truly a Korean night out. 
They are famous of their char-grilled meat, but sadly we didn't order (at our table). I got to taste the char-grilled pork from my brother's table and it was good! You may wondering why we were sitting separate tables, the reason is because there was no space to fit 8 of us. So anyway, here were the dishes we had.
Dap's japchae (silver noodles).
Deep fried chicken with korean hot sauce for sharing. 
Me and Jane had the same, spicy soft tofu stew with pork. I must say this is not a kimchi soup. The tofu smell is so strong that we both love it very much. If you are not a tofu person, maybe you wouldn't love this as much as we do. 
Ash's hot stone bulgogi with soy sauce. 

That night was crazy fun. Partied till 1am then we walked back to hotel because we didn't want to join the long queue at the taxi stand. We ended our night with ciders and chips, talking all night long until we fell sleep. 

#2 Wild Honey @ Scotts Square (all kind breakfast).
Do I even have to mention how famous this breakfast place is? It is always fully booked during peak hours, and we came here by 3 which was already a super late brunch meanwhile Daphne still couldn't make it because she was still doing her hair for freaking 6 hours T__T

Digging in time, wild honey mocha and Boulevard st. Michel for me.

Ash had fruity drinks, Mandarin Wilderness and Norwegian breakfast. 

Jane had Turkish. 

We then went shopping and catching up with Singapore blogger friends, Sophie and Yutakis. It was so nice to meet them, hopefully you guys can travel down KL to have a real sl*tty party together (inside joke,lol).

#3 Shin Minori @ UE Square (japanese).
I did not know it was a buffet until I came back from the washroom and my brother told me to order as many I want. I told him it was my first time having a Japanese buffet because I'm not a buffet person. While I happily noming the dishes (which my brother said those are of cheaper cost), he was busy whacking all the sashimi and saba (that are considered expensive). Tips of dining in a buffet restaurant, eat all the expensive food so that it's worth for what you pay. But then, what if there is people like me who love cheaper food :/ I think the solution is either you don't go during buffet hours or don't visit any buffet restaurant. 
A collage of the dishes we had, it was only part of it. I didn't manage to take all the dishes because we were both busy wolfing them down.   

#4 Laurent Bernard Chocolatier @ Robertson Quay (french). 
We were supposed to explore a new cafe but they were refused to take in any new walk-in customers saying they want to have an hour or more clean-up time. So brother brought me to this French patisserie. 

Earl grey for him, chamomile for me. 
Accompanied our tea was this heavenly good Guanaja chocolate soufflé with super tangy raspberry sherbet. 
Rich, warm, moist, soft. I find no words can describe it perfectly. You guys must give it a try!

Great bonding and non-so-great fats growing session with my brother. Love you heaps

With all kinds of restaurants (Korean - All kind breakfast - Japanese - French) I've recommended, do at least visit one. Trust me you will love it.
Happy food hunting.