Natural beauty gets thrown around often enough that many people don't actually know what it stands for. One is said to have natural beauty, doesn't require anything. She can just woke up in the morning with messy hair and still look dazzling hot or she can look effortlessly beautiful without any make up and great clothes styling. 
To some degree, I love being put in 'natural beauty' category but that doesn't mean I will stop myself from using other existence products or technology to enhance what's already there. Tell me, who doesn't want to have better appearance? 

Me and my girlfriends have been talking about facial enhancement (also known aesthetic treatment) like forever, and finally me and Jane have decided to visit Skin Art Clinic last 2 weeks. 
I'm not sure if you guys notice, I've very serious eye bags. In fact i've two layers of eye bags, one is at the area of my lower eyelids and another one is the puffy part beneath the first one. The under-eye bags is those eye bags that most Korean cosmetic surgeon love to do because those will make your eyes look bigger and puppier meanwhile the lower eye bags make me look exhausted all time. Of course I want to keep the first one, and it's the second one that keeps me annoyed. I've been using eye cream but it doesn't help much even if I tried to sleep early. So I'm guessing these are genetically passed down from my mom's gene :/

During our consultation, Dr Rachel Chew performed a careful clinical facial analysis and based on our needs, she then gave us her best beauty advices to help bring forward our natural radiance. What's great about Skin Art Clinic is that the consultation is free of charge :D

Nervous moment at the meantime exciting as I was about to remove my eye bags!!! 

You wonder why we chose Skin Art Clinic among so many aesthetic clinics, clearly there is a reason. Dr Rachel Chew is using her very own procedure called Urunique. It involves 3 stages:
Stage 1 - Resurfacing and stimulation.
Stage 2 - Volume restoration and muscle rebalancing.
 Stage 3 - Lifting
Urunique is not just another injection, peel, or filler treatment.  It is a fusion of advanced aesthetic techniques with artistry that delivers an effecive and beautifully natural result.  Urunique is an individualized total facial rejuvenation procedure that offers transformation results without the downtime associated with invasive surgical techniques.

Here's a closer picture of our eyes without any editing, very impressive result. Read more about Jane's experience at her blog. Thanks to Dr Rachel, I can say byebye to my eye bags. No need photoshop or meitu app to edit my eye bags, so happy :D

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Promotion doesn't limit to number of readers as well as time :)
Beauty doesn't wait xoxo.

Look for Dr Rachel at the address below: 
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.