When come to styling, they always say less is more. I think it applies on make up too. When I start growing up, I used to love putting full make up whenever I was out. But you will get tired at a point that you want your face to be clean and light. You want your face to have the least make up and still be able to go out meeting people confidently. Now I use about 15 minutes everyday to create the less-is-more look using these 6 applications. 

#1 Thermoceutical sunblock. Instead of using BB cream or CC cream with SPF, sunblock still works perfectly for me. 

#2 YSL radiant touch. It is actually a highlighter but functions as a concealer that is very good in covering my dark circles at the same time moisturizing my eyes. 

#3 Double eyelid sticker. I don't think I could ever live without this, unless I mean unless I did double eyelid surgery :p

#4 Kiss Me eyebrow mascara (orange brown). Your brows colour should always be lighter than your hair colour or same colour with your hair, so always remember to correct the colour of your brows. 

#5 Nars blush (orgasm). A light shade of blush creates a pinky, glowing effect on your cheeks. 

#6 Rimmel 2 in 1 lip tint and balm (timeless tango). Put on a reddish lip colour can instantly brighten up your face. 

No more excuses of being a lazy person to do make up as it only takes 15mins to get yourself pretty.
I hope my way works for you too :)