Dressed up in my best Bohemian look complementing with Anna Sui's latest perfume edition, La Vie De Bohème to captures a woman lifestyle. A woman who is a bit defiant, romantic and artistic. I love the Bohemian style but I didn't know Bohemian can be so powerful in one's life until I came across this perfume. I'm beginning to understand the story behind a Bohemian girl; Anna Sui herself. She was born with a romantic heart and is living Bohemian in style, in attitude and spirit. She brought her Bohemian conviction from fashion to a whole new level - perfume. A lady living in such an unconventional lifestyle with unstoppable passions is very admirable.
The scent of the perfume is a combination of fruits and flowers. It first smells like roses, berries, and then a little pear and dragonfruit accord. As it develops, you get something feminine and pink floral - peonies (which represent good luck, beauty and frienship for Chinese). The base scent plays with woods, sheer musks, black vanilla and sandalwood to deliver a playful, yet mysterious fragrance. 

Besides the scent, I love the bottle design too. Both rose and butterfly are Anna Sui's iconic emblems. Even the packaging goes with the bohemian and romantic nostalgia. 

Valentine's is around the corner. I believe a perfume will make a very romantic gift for your loved one. Every gentlemen should know how to surprise her girl with a romantic scent of pleasure. I've always loved to receive perfume as gifts, or even get some for myself occasionally. I believe no girl will ever say that she has had enough of perfumes.

(Quoted from Coco Chanel)
A girl who doesn't wear perfume has no future.

Girls, let's adopt the habit of wearing perfume! XD
Boysss, listen up! It's highly recommended that you get your significant other a bottle of La Vie De Bohème for Valentine's Day. Tell your girl it's a scent that belongs to both of you. The blend of fruits and florals scent will become a memorable powerful scent that ties strongly to the sweet memories you both share. They say scent can be a strong memory trigger as it invades a space with each breath and speaks for us in ways no words can express. 

Such a romantic gift, don't you think so?

The fragrance comes in 3 sizes - 30ml, 50ml, and 75ml, all in Eau de Toilette. 
La Vie De Bohème is available at all Anna Sui counters in selected departmental store. For more information, visit www.annasui.com.
I'm here wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day in advance.
Let's make our life beautiful, romantic and more La Vie De Bohème.