Future Music Future Asia was really totally a blast! We had so much fun on day 1 and 2 despite of the haze. We've our rave outfits well planned earlier - army green for day 1, sensation white for day 2 and joyous grey on day 3. Too bad we couldn't wear our day 3 DIY-ed outfit because the event was cancelled due to the overdosed people who died during the event, screw them seriously :< Girlfriends and I were waiting for day three's acts for so long and it was forced to shut down, #worsefeelingever. No more Pharrell, no more Yuna!

On the brighter note, we felt lucky we went for both days which were not our initial plan, else our tickets would be so wasted to only go for day 1. Daphne was so lucky to have a picture with Martin Garrix before his gig on day 3. We also met local DJ Sukimama while raving. Heard that she will be spinning at Zouk KL this coming Thursday, anyone going? DJ Deadmau5, R3hab, Will Sparks, Adventure Club, and Armin Van Buuren attracted thousands of partygoers, marking one of the amazing parties of the year.

Feel free to scroll through all my pictures of day 1 and day 2 awesomeness!!! 
Day 1

Day 2

Hope you enjoy all the pictures. One more thing after the sudden cancellation of FMFA Day 3, I truly believe we don't need drugs to get high in rave. Please take care of your health, and be responsible of it.