It's the 4th year I celebrated Leng's birthday. Can't believe our cyber friendship could one day become so strong. If you are wondering, yes we knew each other from a social website called Frienster. As usual we met up when I first came to KL, and here begins our lifelong friendship. 

The celebration was held @ Beast Grill restaurant. Everyone was avoiding wearing same colour with the birthday girl because we wanted her to be the special one. Who knows ViVi who came all the way from Penang wore the exact same top as Leng. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!! 

I love the ambience of Beast, wood decoration with a dim lightning. Overall the food was good, the complimentary bread unexpectedly warm, crisp at the outside and soft in the inside, both beef and lamb are juicy and tender. 

Here goes to the 1 hour selfie moment :p

I wish...I can have a boyfriend and get married this year! #justsaying But I really hope my girlfriend can meet his true love very soon. We bought her Chanel earrings this year because I got mine during my 21st and Jane got hers last year, so everyone wants a Chanel now. LOL, hope you like the present :)

After her birthday dinner, we went Phuture for second round celebration. The birthday girl was down with only 4 shots and 1 tequila T___T Leng, you should really practice your drinking capacity!!! 

Last, cheers to more years of friendship.
I luv you x