The title tells it all. 
I've done my non-incision double eyelid surgery!!! 
I originally have unbalanced eyelids which my left eye has a normal double eyelid (but sometimes it goes wrong too >,<) and my left eye has an inner double-fold eyelid. For years, I've been using different products from the glue to now lace eyelid sticker just to make sure both creases are even. Some say if you stick double eyelid tape long enough your double eyelid will stay. Guess this magical thing doesn't work on me. 

This is what happened to my eyes after using double eyelid tape for almost 8 years (before eyelid surgery). 
Loosen skin on upper eyelid and multiple eyelid creases. I was annoyed because every single day I woke up I need to fix my uneven eyelids. Sometimes it was hard for me to apply eyeshadow because the stickers kept flipping up, and of course you wouldn't see those because all my pictures I've them disappeared (if they are visible). You wouldn't even see me taking selfies without double eyelid tape, so don't ask for a before & after picture because I don't have it. 

After years of this life long battle, I finally found my solution undergoing Skinartesse Double Eyelid. It is non-surgical procedure where Dr Rachel practices either Korean or Japanese suture method (stitching) to achieve the eyelids you want. The whole treatment takes about 45 minutes included the numbing process. During the stitching, I still felt a little pain (which is bearable) probably because I didn't close my eyes while waiting for the numbing cream to fully absorb. Therefore, I hereby suggest you all to lay down properly while waiting. Downtime varies, but the average healing time is within 1 to 4 weeks. For my case, my eyes were healed in a week. 
Now I can kiss eyelid tape / glue or whatever you called them goodbye. YAY!

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