Excuse my bare face ancliché tourist pose. It was my first time in Osaka and also everyone's first visit so we couldn't bother to wait at the hotel for checking in; instead we brushed up a bit at the bathroom and headed straight out after taking a midnight bus from Tokyo to Osaka. 

First stop, we headed to Shinsaibaishi-suji, a famous shopping district that covers a collection of department stores as well as independent boutiques. The variety of the shops and restaurants makes it popular with nearly every kind of shopper. Our initial plan was supposed to shop for an hour or two because we were so exhausted from the long haul bus travel but the 600 metres long streets aren't giving us time to stop walking. The moment when I had a slice of Pablo cheesecake, the whole trip was paid off. The melting cheese inside your mouth gave me a total mouthgasm! Somebody deliver this to me right now please *pull hair*!!!

We were a bit lost when I was trying to find a ramen restaurant which I've googled earlier. We couldn't manage to find it and here was what we seen along the streets. These host clubs advertisement boards were too dumbstruck. If you've ever been to a crowded Japanese city at night, these gentlemen of the night, hustlers, escorts, or whatever name you called them, they are dressed up like skeezy rock band or Final Fantasy protagonists prowling the street corners and inviting you (girls of course) in for a drink. 
Jane suggested we shall pop in any restaurant to settle our late lunch as we all were really felt like a zombie for not sleeping for a night. We had tsukemen again though it wasn't as good as the one we had in Tokyo, but it was alright. I truly feel any random ramen shop in Japan cooks better noodles and broths than those in Malaysia. 

 After lunch, we went back hotel and took a short nap. We didn't plan for any late night activity so we decided to check out the popular tourist attraction - Ebisu-bashi bridge at night as it is a great spot for people-watching and for viewing Osaka's most eye-scorching neon signage. The most famous site would be the Glico 'Running man' with a giant neon track star. Of course, you would't miss the Shochikuza Theatre and Kani-Doraku restaurant which I've tried in Tokyo (link here). While noming takoyaki, we couldn't decide what to have for our dinner because Jane and Huan wanted to have ramen again whilst Ashley and I were craving for sushi so we had our dinner separately again. Both of us had the same sushi set which costs less than RM100 each. The amount of fresh and thick slices of sashimi they have piled on were so amazed. It was really delicious and bound to be my favourites of satisfying my sashimi cravings, which we both went for a second time.

Fruit beers, pillow talking, cray cray selfies to call it a night. 

Send me to Japan right now please, I'm missing everything there.
More Japan posts coming up, stay tune x