Let’s face it, we all having frustrating hair days.
Days when you hair just doesn’t want to co-operate and you got to rush to work leaving your hair unfix. For a long time, I will either tie my hair up or let it goes with free style. Those twos aren’t the best solution for me, but yet I’ve no choice when it comes to limited time.
Hair straightener? Too time-consuming and it makes my hair looks less voluminous.

Some of the crazy ideas I've tried simultaneously...
Comb? Usually doesn't help > <'''
Bare hands? I don't know man...I just want my straight hair!
Books? Sometimes…I don’t know why and how but it somehow makes me feel my hair looks straighter.   

Until I meet Sunsilk Perfect Straight hair care products. Sunsilk Perfect Straight is totally designed for me. Co-created with Yuko Yamashita, the straight hair expert from Tokyo, The Straight Lock technology™ is created to helps keep hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries naturally. This is one wonderful creation Sunsilk has come out for people like me who do not like to blow drying their hair. Jasiminne Yip, isn’t this the best hair care products ever?
Sunsilk Perfect Straight however only works on people who born with straight hair, therefore it will not straighten your hair with repeated use over time. Though it wouldn’t be able to restructure your hair genetically, application of Sunsilk Perfect Straight would nevertheless help ensure alignment of hair strands which from frizzy looking hair and improve manageability of hair for keeping a beautiful neat appearance.

To more beautiful straight hair days :D
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