I've received a lot of good comments about my radiant glowing skin. Of course, Cinderella brightening treatment does help a lot at the initial stage of improving my skin tone, but the key is how to maintain it. I can't be doing Cinderella treatment every week. Then I thought maybe because I work out these day, though it isn't that consistent. Finally, I realize I've been using these skincare products for the past few months which have progressively brighten my skin.

Belree Hydrating Day and Night Cream by AM Professional Skin Care. 

Both products contain high protein botanical extracts (pinecone) which contain Vitamin A, D and E and bio-regenesis substances which penetrate deep into skin layer to revitalize the cell membrane and actively break down melanin that causes pigmentation. Basically, it helps brightening your skin!
The day cream is in harder creamy texture. Use it right after lotion for easier application.
The night cream is more creamy form where you can easily apply. It contains pearl powder, anti-bacterial and an effective anti-inflammation elements that effectively improves skin allergy meanwhile maintains skin hydration and firmness. One secret tip while using Belree, apply the day cream followed by the night one before going to bed. You will be amazed by its instant result. 

I wouldn't come across Belree if it wasn't by my reader's recommendation. She approached me during a fashion bazaar and she gave me this products which at first I thought they were another beauty products, yet I was wrong. I'm glad I've used them and they are one of my favourites skincare products! I'm so happy with my dewy looking skin :D

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To brighter, dewy, radiant, glowing skin.