Hello December! Coming to the end of 2014, what's your resolution? There are so much going on right now, I'm in fact mentally and physically exhausted. Counting my blessings to those who stay around and help me to go through all these. In need of prayer. 

Well, keeping calm and solving obstacles in life is one thing. I still need to keep my readers entertained right? :D
Let's move on to Digital Fashion Week Day 3 where I attended Pauline Ning and Depression's shows.

 Pauline Ning SS15 truly bring together a sense of contemporary style culminated with traditional craftsmanship.  One of her most remarkable details in would be the customized sport bras with sequin-clad evening sheaths. Mixingg asymmetrical elements and craftsmanship as seen on shirts, tops and the A-line dress, Pauline Ning gracefully sculpted the beauties ofeminism while remained overtly subtle and détracté. Designers, Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim crafted a collection heavily inspired by dark sentiments. While the "devils" were obvious in the styling as seen models with dirty faces, pointy hoods and devil tails. I think sporty luxe ain't going away anytime soon as Day 3 shows are very much surrounded with this core element in their designs. 
Pauline Ning collection. 
 Depression collection.

My total look by our homegrown fashion designer, Pearly Wong

Till then, keep my December going.