My girlfriends and I recently did a video clip about love. LOVE, is a powerful strong word. It comes in different forms and the way people receive or give varies individually. In the video, we share our thoughts of love and how we interpret love differently. 

I did not manage to deliver the entire message because I was too camera-shy. Writing perhaps is my way to express my thoughts, so here am I writing and elaborating more about the moment when I felt most loved.

To me, mutual connected feelings make me feel loved. That feeling provides you the security which you know that person would never ever let you go no matter what. That affection without limitations allows you to be yourself, to show him your mistakes, your flaws, your weakness and still want to be with you and love you with all your worse parts.  

To be the giver. When you are the reason he smiles.  You are capable to make him feel comfortable, stress-free when he is around you. You provide the love he needs, and you realize no one would ever replace you because you are his one and only happiness he ever wanted. Then you feel loved, because you know he would do the same for you to become your one and only. They said love is not about receiving, but sometimes giving as well. To be able to give love and support to him makes you feel loved too.

To inspire and grow together. When two people are together, they share their dreams and hopes. They want each other to be part of their life to get inspired and grow together along their journey. That’s usually the most challenging part as one could never catch up with another pace, and they start to draw apart. You feel loved when your partner are willing to accommodate with you to walk at the same pace, or even inspire you to do more, to do better in your life. He sees you in a way no one else would have, truly understand what you really want in life.

I’m lucky to have someone by my side right now. During the month of love, I wish you all to have a wonderful romantic night with your loved ones. Of course, to my special someone Happy Valentine’s Day and I love you WL.

To the single ladies and gentlemen, be patience true love will come.