It might seem so nail biting intimidating at the idea of my first Brazilian wax. Thanks to STRIP Malaysia, the experience turned out just fine.

I was a bit nervous lying down on the bed, but the professional was very good at distracting my attention by explaining STRIP signature wax treatment. This delightful chocolate and berry scented concoction or they called it hard wax is extremely pliable ad is able to remove hair as short as 1mm. Besides that, the low melting point of this Chocolate Wax makes it a comfortable temperature to be applied to the skin, and as such, it is excellent for sensitive areas such as the Brazilian, Boyzilian and Underarm. 
 She swipes on some wax and gives it a few seconds to dry, then rips the wax off. Immediately upon ripping off the wax, the lady will place some antiseptic on the raw spot that helps to cool down the pain. 
The whole session takes about 30 minutes and it all feels so baby smooth :D

 I also did full arms and leg waxing using the soft wax which is where they rip the wax off using a piece of cloth.

You may ask should I wax? Generally the treatment will last about 3-6 weeks where your hair will grow approximately about 4mm to 6mm which is the ideal length for an optimum wax job. The same amount of wait time applies to Boyzilians, and waxing for the legs and underarms.
Also some post treatment care you shall take note is to keep your private part as well as your body moisturized. I’m using this Ice Cream lotion that helps in soothing and calming my skin. You can seek more post treatment care from the wax experts any STRIP outlet in Malaysia. 

You can log on to or check out their STRIP Facebook page for their latest updates.