Melbourne travel journey continues...

That day boyfriend and I got up early to go  Queen Victoria Market. It was completely different from what I had expected. The morning market here is so much cleaner as compared to those back in my homeland, though I have yet been to any morning market but from what I know from my mom. I'm sure QVM is all the aunties' ultimate market shopping heaven! Everything here looks fresher, and of course cheaper. 
Trust me, this simple doughnut tasted so good!!!

If you happened to be visiting QVM, get yourself a cup of coffee from Market Lane Coffee!

We visited some vineyards at Yarra Valley and Lake Mountain to see snow. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME TO SEE AND TOUCH SNOWFLAKES!!! Sorry I have to capitalize this sentence to show my excitement :p Instead of taking pictures with wine, I decided to have gelato instead I guess I wanted to save up for that night korean sake dinner with my ex-primary school mates.

Mini photoshoot with the snow :)

My dearest friends brought us to Hwaro Korean BBQ and it was a wonderful night spent with them. It feels so great to finally catch up with them in Melbourne. Missing one girl, HuiMing who refused to meet us here. You were missing hell a lot of good times :p With good friends like these, the hours were short. 
Whenever I write about travel post, I have the urge that I need another vacation again! Hopefully the good things will fall into places and perhaps wishing everyone close year 2015 with a good ending.