The final destination of my #WonderfulIndonesia trip was Bandung, which is renowned for its shopping. Bandung has a cool temperature all year round, making it a popular stop for those visiting the national capital and an essential stay-over for travelers en route through Java.

# Factory Outlets
Factory outlets in Bandung are the most popular visited by travelers who go there for their shopping frenzy. There are four main areas in  Bandung for factory outlets which are Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Riau, Dago District and Cihampelas Area. You will definitely find good bargain at one of these outlets, but be prepared for incredibly long lines just to try on the clothes.

#2 Armor Kopi
Located beside the lake and the forest of Taman Hutan Raya Juanda in Bandung, Armor Kopi is one of the tourist attraction which you can sip coffee in the middle of jungle. Armor Kopi stands for Arabika Multi Origin Kopi, which they only use locally made beans. The beans are brewed manually here. Therefore, the coffee has more fruity bitterly taste. What's better than having a cup of coffee while enjoying this greenery ambiance.

#3 Dusun Bambu 
Dusun Bambu is an ideal place to spend over the weekends as you can find everything from villa accommodations to adventurous activities like biking and camping. Burangrang is the biggest cafe at Dusun Bambu. There are 3 amazing restaurants, each with a unique theme. We went to Burangrang restaurant that is located among the taller hills at the resort, which give tourists a panoramic view of the Burangrang mountain.

Thank you again Indonesia Tourism for having me during this trip. Looking forward to explore more beautiful places in the world.