Limits are unknown until you push yourself to them. 3 days 2 nights FITcation to Gaya Island Resort was one of the best decision I ever made. I was so inspired by the ladies I met during this trip and gained so much fitness knowledge and motivation as well.

Adidas Malaysia team worked their best to surprise and prepare us throughtout this FITcation journey. We had everything ready from wet wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, face mist, toiletries, to even power bank! All the active wear I wore throughout the trip was prepared by Adidas as well.

How can you not take a moment to enjoy Gaya Island Resort when every spots here is Instagram-worthy. 

In total, we have 4 different classes starting from partner workout, morning stretch, beach circuit, cardio dance class to the last yoga session. My favourite and yet the most torturing class is beach circuit high intensity workout! Check out all the unglam pictures below :p
Partner Workout by Joanna Soh

Morning Stretch by Nor Soraya

Beach Circuit by Cindy Gan

Twerk class by Maybelline Wong

Yoga session by Evie Wong

When you put 17 girls on an island, we sweated together, we shared laughter, and we made new friends. It was such an unforgettable moment with these inspiring, down-to-earth and crazy ladies. Of course, not forgetting Adidas Malaysia who brought us all together, and Gaya Island Resort for hosting us so well.
Already missing them, more FITcation please.