Hello readers, how's your Monday treating you? It is my first day of internship, everything went well so far. Been interacting much with colleagues and of course my boss-friend. There is a new culture which might take some time for me to update, a new environment to get with. May Amitofu blesses me in these three months. 

Here's another dress-up post on last weekends, teehee
Casual outfit look

Top - Yellow blouse from a boutique in Sungei Wang(σ 一.一)σThe floral peter pan collar embellishes the entire blouse.
Bottom - Black high waist pants from Topshop.

Ankle boots from Forever21.
Socks from Beams(σ 一.一)σ The colourful totem is the highlight.

Tied my hair up to actually sharpen my face. It looks more V without shading. One thing about tying-up-hair is that you must make sure your baby hair don't frizz out after sometimes so that it looks tidy.
But for me, i don't f**king care.
My hair is said to be always messy even after I've combed, so why should i bother. ╮(╯_╰)╭ Here's a recommendation for those who have same trouble as me - use hairspray, hair mousse or whatever that make your hair stays neat. And the reason i don't use those because it takes longer time to wash the hair. Troublesome, troublesome, troublesome.
Imma a trouble-adverse person, who's on my side? Y( ︶︿︶)/