Happy moments always swift. This year me and my boyfie cherieshed our Xmas by throwing a party at home. It wasn't really a party, yet it was more like a cooking lesson.

We went for grocery shopping first, then back home with all the ingredients we needed.

There were more of course, but I don't wanna make u all X my page.
So skipped the ingredients part, moving on to the process of our XMAS DINNER preparation.

#1 Lau's sisters homemade taro balls. *So CHINESEEEEEEE*

Little Bryan was helping as well \( ̄︶ ̄)/ 

Opppsssyy, Jane's hands were so EWWWWWW....

#2 Fried egg with pork and onion. *It's Christmas, but some of us have really traditional taste. Eg: The girl in the picha below.*

#3 My salad.

#4 Twin's classic carbonara spaghetti.

#5 Miao's sardin pate.

#6 Batman's black pepper beef.

DATAAAAAAAAA.....our food was finally be served after 3 HOURS HARDWORK!
The jelly was cut by KeatLee. I repeat is cut by him, not made by him. ( *^ p ^* )
Beside was Lau's sister red bean taro ball.

Miki mama's self-worth dish.

Mua salad was the easiest among all dishes. The dressing was specially made by Batman. Perfect match with my salad. 

XXL size carbonara. 

Miao's dish.

Batman's. Ze best of all. 

Of course we had some instant food to add-on just in case anything gone wrong with our dishes.
Pizza pizza~

Mushroom soup~

Bacon with smiley face~

We don't have real turkey, so the guys bought a fake one for us. How CUTE!

So happy we could have a "TURKEY" on Xmas's eve dinner.

While the clock ticking to 12, we were almost done with the dishes. Girls can't wait to camwhore with the delicious food on table. So proud of it, even though they were mostly helped by Batman. Anyway, we made effort in preparing all these.

Huannie joined us as well. LOL

Wanna have some, Woody boi?

(づ′▽`)づ Let's start our dinner. 
Guess how long it takes for us to finish?


Our girls' candid shots.

Group picha

After staffing our stomach, it was the EXCHANGE GIFT session.

Sitting a circle to start the game. 

The gifts.

I got pressie from BabyAshleyLau. LOVE IT

EPIC gift of the year, Keat's barbie doll↖( ̄▽ ̄")

Again, pichas time with my dearest. 
Me, boyfie and the kiddo Bryan.

Me n huannie boy *Picture quality suck╮-____-)╮*

The party ended peacefully.
Hope everyone have a wonderful memories on Xmas and Happy Boxing Day readers.

PS: Can't wait for NY's eve.